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I received an Email from KingSizeDirect offering a discounted price on some shirts over a 72 hour period. I went on the site during that time and saw the shirts and they listed the discounted price. However, when I went to the "CART" to check out, the discounted price was not there - the FULL price was. I called Customer Service and was told that they could take my order and PLACE IT ON HOLD - then I could call back the following day and have the discounted price put in place and then release the order. So I did as asked - and the following day called Customer Service once again to have the discount put in place. I was informed that they "Could" do that - but I had to pay the FULL PRICE first - and then AFTER they shipped it and I received it, I needed to call them back THEN and only at THAT time could they discount the price and issued a refund for the difference.

Of course I refused - I've seen this ploy before with them. When the item arrives and you call back you are told that they cannot honor that discount this long after the offer and that it should have been taken care of when the order was placed.

I explained that to Customer Service and was told there was nothing they could do but place a FULL PRICE order and after shipped and received and called again - correct the pricing.

Do not trust any company that does not honor their advertisements at the time of the advertisement when the items are in stock and available. Very dissatisfied Customer!

Product or Service Mentioned: Kingsize Customer Care.

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What do you expect? When things are on clearance it's first come first serve, and catalog's are preprinted.


Twice within the past 2 weeks I called to order discounted shirts, tropical, each time told all out of stock. The last time I called the day I received the catalog.

This is the old false advertising scam. In calif, where I live it is against the law to advertise discounted products without adequate supply.

it is clear that is what is going on here. Too bad I have liked what I have purchased before.

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